The Estonian Health Museum is located in Tallinn's Old Town, across two medieval buildings that have undergone extensive renovation. The ancient buildings create a unique atmosphere, a perfect background for the modern anatomy exhibition 'A Heart to Heart About Your Body'.

The theme rooms spread across the 2nd and 3rd floors of the two buildings dismantle the human body thoroughly, taking a look at all of its biological systems. Besides human anatomy and physiology, we also look at various other areas closely related to our body and health.

With a diversity of graphic solutions in the form of diagrams, wax and plastic anatomical models and real or plastinated organs, a complete picture is given of the inside of the human body. Wonderful participation opportunities are provided by hands-on electronic and mechanical display items.

All the interactive items in the museum are marked with signs in Braille. Therefore, we also welcome blind visitors to the museum who can experience the museum with the help of trained descriptive guides.

The permanent exhibition 'A Heart to Heart About Your Body' wishes to provide its visitors with a vivid and memorable museum experience and to encourage them to make healthy choices in their lives. For students, we offer a varied and unique learning environment.