Estonian Healthcare Museum
Lai 28/30 Tallinn 10133 ESTONIA
Booking & info: bron[at], by phone +372 511 1732

Kadri Rannala
Museum Director
M: +372 510 7889
Email: kadri[at]
Maria Maasik
T: +372 641 1730
Email: maria[at]
Gerda Taumann
Head of Visitor Experience and Events
M: +372 511 1732
Email: bron[at]
Andres Arendi
Head of Marketing and Development
Email: andres[at]
Ülle Kask
Curator of Exhibitions
T: +372 641 1732
Email: ylle[at]
Taavi Kuri
Project Manager of Exhibitions
Email: taavi[at]
Eero Kruusmaa
Head of the Collection Management
T: +372 641 6013
Email: eero[at]
Kärt Mikli
Graphic Designer
T: +372 641 6012
Email: kart[at]
Kennet Roosipuu
Museum Pedagogue
T: +372 5074574
E-post: kennet[at]
Kalle Tikas
Technician of Exibitions
Email: kalle[at]
Ruth Oper
Email: ruth[at]
Joosep Kollom
Digital and UX
Email: joosep[at]
Kalju Paju
T: +372 641 1333
Email: kalju[at]
Marleen Soosaar
education curator
Email: marleen[at]
Ilona Stanitski
Visitor Experience Guide
Email: ilona[at]
Katriin Kütt
Visitor Experience Guide
Email: katriin[at]
Jegor Jermakov
Visitor Experience Guide
Email: jegor[at]
Kent Joosep
Visitor Experience Guide
Email: kent[at]
Elina Shatova
Visitor Experience Guide
Email: elina[at]
Nataly Vest
Visitor Experience Guide
Email: nataly[at]