The Estonian Health Care Museum’s primary objective is to offer our visitors fascinating discoveries and new information about human anatomy, the history of medicine, various aspects of health care through exhibitions, interactive lessons and a variety of other activities. The museum is unique in this field in this region.

The museum is located in two fully renovated medieval buildings in Tallinn old town and has total space of 1500m2. The new 600m2 permanent exhibition “Heart To Heart About Your Body” was fully opened in May 2015. The exhibition has an important part to carry in raising awareness about health topics and offering a new innovative take on educational activities. It is contemporary, content-rich, fresh, interactive and youthful, offering new insights and exciting discoveries.

In 2015 the total number of visitors in this small museum was over 40 000. To keep visitors interested and the exhibition versatile we have used many different ways of exhibiting and various types of exhibits which is a great aid when introducing the themes to different target groups.

Estonian Health Care Museum was nominated for the best museum in Estonia by the Ministry of Culture in 2015 for its permanent exhibition.