The Estonian Healthcare Museum’s basic collection contains over 21,000 museum objects, but there are some thematic areas that are inadequately covered. Due to this, the Museum is trying to expand its collection through purchasing new acquisitions, but we always count on donations of objects by private donors and institutions-organisations.
The areas in need of supplementation:
• Historical garments worn by medical workers;
• Old instructional aids for anatomy;
• The furnishings, and outfitting of old medical institutions;
• Prototypes of modern medical technology and equipment developed in Estonia;
• Medical technology and instruments manufactured in Estonia;
• Aids for the disabled;
• Surgical tools or related items;
• Photographs and other documents pertaining to notable individuals, organisations, events and the daily conditions of the history of medicine in Estonia;
• Memoirs concerning the history of Estonian medicine;
• Old publications covering medicine or public health.

In order for materials to be suitable for inclusion in the Museum, donations must be intact, complete sets and must be accompanied by as much background information as possible in accordance with the nature of the object. This includes; origin, place of manufacture and date, name of the related producer, historical persons that used the item, the purpose of the object, etc. The most important thing is the relevance of the donated object to the Estonian Healthcare Museum’s sphere of activities and its collection policy criteria (see Collections Policy).

A photo of the object to be donated, along with the known background information and the donor’s contact information should be addressed to the Head Curator at; or, to the Research Head at;


Consultations, and information regarding the collections are available from the following Museum staff members:
Kai Merilain / Head Curator / 6416 013 /
Kalju Paju / Researcher / 6411 333 /